iPad App (v4)

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated for version 4.4.12

Why did the iPad app change?

We wanted to give users the choice between a replica of the newspaper available at newsstands and an edition that has been formatted specifically for the iPad.

What’s the difference between the Tablet Edition and the Print Edition?

Each day you have the option to navigate an issue two different ways: There is the Tablet Edition, which is formatted to look best on an iPad and features additional photos and videos. Then there is the Print Edition, which is a replica of the newspaper that was delivered to newsstands and home delivery subscribers. You can switch from Tablet mode to Print mode and from Print mode to Tablet mode at any time.

What is the default edition?

You may select whether you prefer your default edition to be the Tablet Edition or the Print Edition by going to Settings. When you launch the app, it will open directly to the default edition, and the default edition will autodownload each morning based on your settings (see below.)

How do issues download?

For issues to auto-download each morning, please ensure the following things:

  1. The “Automatically Download New Issues” toggle is turned on in app Settings.
  2. “Background App Refresh” is turned on in your device Settings for the NYPost app.
  3. “Allow Notifications” is turned on in your device Settings for the NYPost app.
  4. You have a cellular or wi-fi connection at the time the edition is published, early in the morning.
  5. The NYPost app is running in the background at the time the edition is published.

If you have the setting turned on to automatically download issues, but the above conditions aren’t met when the issue is published, in most cases your default edition will download when you first open the app (if you have a connection then). There may be certain instances, such as the iPad being offline for a long period of time or the battery being low, where you would need to manually download the issue. Conversely, if your device is charging when the issue is published, the issue will most likely automatically download.

To manually download a Tablet Edition issue, tap on the cover of the issue you wish to read. You may start reading right away, and the images will continue to download as you read.

To manually download a Print Edition issue, tap the download icon or download button on the cover. If these do not appear on the cover, and the cover does not appear greyed out, then the issue is already downloaded.

How do I navigate through an issue?

In the Tablet Edition, swipe to the left from the front cover to go to the first story, or swipe to the right to return to the library. Tap on a story or a section button on the cover to directly advance. From an article, swipe right or left, or tap the Previous Article or the Next Article button to navigate to an adjacent story. Under Menu, you may see previews of all articles by section; tap on a story to advance. From there you may also switch to the Print Edition.

From the Print Edition, swipe left or right to advance to the next page, or swipe through the preview thumbnails below the edition to jump to a new location.

How do I change the size of the text?

In the Tablet Edition, there are three font sizes from which to choose. Tap the icon with the letters in the upper-right corner of an article to switch sizes.

In the Print Edition, you may pinch on a page to zoom in. Rotating to landscape mode will also increase the size of the text.

How many days’ worth of issues appear in the app at one time?

The last seven issues will be available in your library for both the Tablet and Print Editions.

How do I save an issue?

To save a Print Edition, first download the issue from the print library and then tap the yellow Save button in the upper-right corner. It will then stay on your device until you remove it. Currently there is no way to save a Tablet Edition.

How do I remove a downloaded Print Edition?

Tap on the “Remove” button, which appears in the top-right corner of a downloaded issue in the main library, or below the cover of an issue under “Saved Issues.”

Any downloaded Print Edition that has not been saved will automatically be deleted seven days after the issue date. You may also go under Settings to Clear Content, which will remove all issues that are not saved (see below).

How do I manage the automatic removal of downloaded Print Editions?

To help manage the storage used by your app, downloaded Print Editions get automatically removed a certain number of days after they were published. You may choose whether that happens three days, five days or seven days after publication by going to Settings > Automatic Content Removal.

Issues that you have marked as “Saved” will not get removed until you manually delete them.

What does Clear Content under Settings do?

Clear Content will remove all content from your device, except for Print Editions that you have marked as saved. This includes any Print Editions that have been downloaded but were not saved, as well as all images from Tablet Editions.

Images will reappear if you open a Tablet Edition while you have a connection.

Does the app work in landscape/horizontal orientation? Can I rotate the app?

The Print Edition works in either landscape or portrait orientation. Article text in the Tablet Edition works only in portrait orientation, but images can rotate to landscape if you tap to expand them or view a gallery.

Do I need a connection to read a downloaded or saved Print Edition?

No. Once an issue has been downloaded to your iPad, you don’t need a connection to read it.

Do I need a connection to view a gallery?

You do not need a connection to view a gallery if images have already downloaded for that issue. As long as images are appearing with other articles, you’ll be able to view a gallery as well. However, if you’ve had no connection since opening an issue for the first time, images won’t yet have loaded and you won’t be able to view the gallery.

I’m not seeing images in the Tablet Edition.

Images do not begin to download until the first time you open an issue. If your device is offline the first time you read an issue, the images won’t display. Once they have downloaded initially, you will not need a connection to view them again.

How do I expand an image?

Tap on an image in the Tablet Edition to expand. You may then also pinch-and-zoom or rotate the orientation to landscape while you’re in the expanded view.

With which versions of iOS is this app compatible?

The app is compatible with iOS 7.1 and above.

Where can I find cartoons, box scores, sports standings, crossword puzzles, Su Doku, TV listings, classified ads or The Post Line?

All these features — and many more — can be found in the Print Edition. If you’re having trouble finding them, you may need to switch modes from the Tablet Edition to the Print Edition.

Can I use the app on more than one device? Can I share my iPad application with someone else?

You may use the app on up to 10 devices and computers associated with the same iTunes account. So, for example, if you have an iPad at work and an iPad at home and you use the same iTunes account on both, you can access the New York Post app on both with the same subscription. You cannot share the app with others using their own iTunes accounts.

I have questions related to billing, my credit card or a refund.

Subscriptions are managed by the Apple iTunes Store. We are unable to assist you with billing questions or process purchases or refunds. For questions regarding billing, credit, refunds or purchases, please contact Apple support by email at support@apple.com or call 1-800-275-2273.

How do I disable auto-renew or cancel my subscription?

  1. On your iPad, open the App Store application.
  2. Tap Featured at the bottom of the screen and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Tap the Apple ID button in the lower-left corner. (If you are not signed in, tap Sign In, and sign in with your Apple ID. Then scroll back to the bottom of the page and tap Apple ID.)
  4. Tap the View Apple ID button.
  5. Enter your password and tap OK.
  6. Under Manage, tap Subscriptions. (If you don’t have any app subscriptions, this button will not be displayed.)
  7. Your Subscriptions page should appear.
  8. Tap New York Post.
  9. Set the Auto-Renewal toggle to Off.

Whom do I contact for help with the app?

Please go to app Settings > Report a Technical Problem. This will launch an email form that includes valuable diagnostic information, allowing us to best help you. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding your issue (and relevant screenshots when possible). You may also contact customer support by emailing ipadhelp@nypost.com, but the “Report a Technical Problem” option provides us with far more information attached, and is always preferable.

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